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Dr. Lisa Gartland

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Heat Island Mitigation - Most urban & suburban areas are heat islands, retaining too much heat due to dark construction materials and a lack of landscaping. Heat islands increase energy use & air pollution and contribute to heat stroke, asthma and skin cancer. Strategies for reducing heat islands are also effective ways to combat global warming. PositivEnergy offers services to evaluate and mitigate a community's heat island. PositivEnergy also works with manufacturers to develop new mitigation technologies. more heat island mitigation info >>

Building Energy Conservation - From improved building envelopes, to more efficient HVAC systems, to smarter consumption patterns - there are many cost-effective ways to save energy in buildings. PositivEnergy can help you find these opportunities by monitoring and analyzing your building's energy consumption, and evaluating various conservation options. PositivEnergy also works on the development and testing of new building technologies. more building energy conservation info >>


home | heat island mitigation | building energy conservation | qualifications